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SoftTrade Mandi is an integrated business Inventory/Accounting/Management software that was launched in 1999. Today Soft Trade Mandi is an integrated Business Accounting Software covering the following modules:SoftTrade Mandi Software products offer ready-to-use, highly valuable solutions in the areas of:Accounting, Inventory, Accounts Receivable & Payable, Production, Budgeting, Taxes etc Mandi Software Features Mahajani Accounting Bikri Detail Balance Sheet,P & L, Trading Account Dalal Account Trail Balance. Dalali Account. Cash & Bank Book (Double-side) Dalal Wise Outstanding. Sale,Purchase Nakal Book & Day Book Station Wise Outstanding. Bank Reconcilations Interest Calculation. Bank & Cash Book Purchase Account. Goods Accounts. Sales Account. Calculations Methods. Consignment Journal. Sales Tax Forms. Kachi-Pakki Adadh. Mandi Tax Register Consignment In/Out & Adjustments. Stock Valuation based on Method Vikrya Parchi. Consignment Purchase (Purchase for Third Party) Software Advance Features Production Due Interest Show at Payment Receipt. Excess /Shortage. Double Side Cash Book. Voucher. Daily Stock Report. Multiple Godown Bikri With Expenses Detail. Godown Transfer. Lot Wise Profit Loss. Cold Storage Stock. Item wise Trading Account/Gross Profit. Lot Wise Stock. Pending Bilti Report. Direct Tax Paid Rate Entry Auto TDS Deduction System & Return Reports VAT 7,8,10,48,50 & CST-1 Forms etc. & e-Return file Generation. Mandi Software Special Features Dos Printing. Nakal Printing In 80Col. All Reports On Screen. Label Printing. Reports Exports In Excel. Address List Printing. Invoice Format Designable.